Our homes offer beautiful exterior combinations of brick and vinyl siding that sit on a floating slab foundation.  All of our house plans can be modified to meet your needs. Our focus is creating your perfect dream home. 

  • 1,000-1,499 Sq. Ft.Last Updated On: 7/2/2015

    Regional Home Floor Plans 1,000 to 1,449 Square Feet

  • 1,500-1,999 Sq. Ft.Last Updated On: 5/19/2015

    Regional Home Floor Plans 1,500 to 1,999 Square Feet

  • 2,000-2,499 Sq. Ft.Last Updated On: 5/19/2015

    Regional Homes Floor Plans: 2,000 to 2,499 Square Feet

  • 2,500+ Sq. Ft.Last Updated On: 5/14/2015

    Regional Homes Floor Plans 2,500+ Square Feet

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